Monday 10 September 2018

More Deserty Brits

Desert British

About a weeks work

46 various infantry and gunners 

During our summer break in Spain, I was writing a new scenario based on a battle in Tunisia. I quickly realised I did not have enough British to field the complete battalion required and not enough gunners to man the guns needed either. As soon as I returned home I popped a quick order off to Andy Grubb and now the gaps are filled.
This now gives me enough infantry to fill out my Desert British to battalion strength with enough gunners for two 25pdr batteries plus a battery HQ

Mostly Britannia & Kelly`s Heroes, the gunners are mainly Raventhorpe, plus some odds`n sods and minor conversions
O group
29 infantry

Britannia 3" mortar team (with a nicer mortar)

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