Friday, 21 February 2020

Even more French

Artillery crews

Gun crews all photographed with the same Hat Industrie `75
Senegalese crew 1

 Close-ups of the minor conversions, the guy with the helmet has been given a larger caliber shell, the guy in the Chechia fez was the No2 of the VB launcher team, I cut down his rifle and shaped it creating a shell
Senegalese crew 2

Again close-ups of the minor conversions - again the gunner got a new shell, the second guy was the VB gunner, I cut don his rifle and shaped/painted it into a shell
Mixed crew

Conversions - kneeling gunner with new shell, the standing figure is a Raventhorpe British gunner with an EWM Adrian helmet head
Free French crew

Another gunner with new shell plus two Raventhorpe British gunners

And finally a command element for my Senegalese infantry
Raventhorpe telephone op (with Elheim head) + Raventhorpe German engineer officer converted to a French one  

So that is 69 infantry, a field gun, a French water tower and a gun truck all since February 4th 


  1. Some great work- really like the little conversions you have done.



    1. Cheers Pete, trying to stop them looking too cloned :)

  2. Nice conversions, any chance of pre-painting in progress photos to copy from next time please? :-)

    1. Very kind.

      I didn`t know anyone was actually taking any notice of what i post here, so rarely do WIP photos - I also work pretty fast when I get going :) I will try and remember to take photos next batch I do :)