Monday 23 March 2020

Punjabi rifle company

Punjabi rifle company

A representative unit for use in our Syria/Lebanon games

A mix or Tumbling Dice and SHQ figures some with minor conversions, I`ve created a reinforced company unit based around 10-figure platoons, but added a support platoon and Company HQ as a command element.

Tumbling Dice riflemen (there are 3 packs of these)

Tumbling dice command pack minus the dead figure (2 of these packs)

SHQ Boys AT rifle with his Tumbling Dice (TD from here on) No2

SHQ Bren gunner with his TD No2

SHQ Bren team

SHQ 2 inch mortar team

SHQ moving bren gunner with a TD No2

SHQ HQ figures (the guy in the centre has TD head)

SHQ HQ figures (the guy carrying the radio has a TD head)

1st platoon

2nd platoon

3rd platoon

Support platoon 
(Boys team, 2" mortar team, 4 rifles plus a Subaltern)

Coy HQ


  1. Nice glue work and colours, Richard. Like the radio guy and the firing/charging platoons. No indian universal carriers for Damascus?

  2. I thought I`d build a rifle company first and see how the research develops. The eastern advance from Iraq had a whole Indian Division, may yield one or two battles, see how things go :)

  3. Nice additions Richard