Sunday 28 March 2021

Operation Big Stick - the game

 Operation Big Stick! -  The game

 Some minor changes from the initial set-up, I allowed El Rougi (advised by His German advisor) to build some beach defences. I rationalised that the US Atlantic Fleet would be pretty big and hard to hide, so El Rougi would have plenty of warning of what was happening and prepare.

The dock and the nasty surprise of the Gatling gun inside

The Heston and the barges hove into view

Turn 3 the concealed 70mm fires on The Heston as it approaches the dock, it misses and is spotted.

Turn 4 the gun fires again (misses again), The Heston gunners nail the gun!

The first barge beaches, "A" platoon, 1st company (A/1 hereafter) are immediately engaged by defenders, who inflict casualties, but find the American shooting is very accurate in return. The Provisional motorcycle platoon prepares to disembark.

Turn 5 The Heston arrives at the dock, A/1 fight to clear their beach, B/1 follow and pitch in, the M/C platoon drives off the barge. The cannon platoon preps its mules to disembark.

Turn 6 the first troops disembark The Heston (C/1) they immediately come under fire from defenders. The Heston wipes out one position with its deck gun!

The second barge beaches and its men pour ashore into the teeth of defenders fire.

Turn 7

A/1 on the left clears their beach

On the right B&C/2 storm and clear the defences at bayonet point

In the centre troops and sailors pile off The Heston, the Gatling gun opens up causing casualties

All the firing has alerted the locals and the fedayeen begin to organise.

The M/C platoon advances down the left

Turn 8

El Rougi`s regulars rush towards the dock - into a world of hurt!

The Heston`s deck gun blasts the dock office and wipes out the Gatling gun and crew!

The US navy sailors rush ashore to secure the dock area.

The Fedyeen charge forward against the infidel invaders, but The Americans have nearly 3 platoons and a Benet-Mercie LMG waiting for them - the result was predictably very bad

El Rougi`s regular cavalry form up

Turn 9

Amazingly the rest of the Fedayeen don`t break and run after their mates are slaughtered, a solid morale check allows them to take up defensive positions within the village market.

The M/C platoon reaches the road and sweeps in towards El Rougi`s palace.

Turn 10

The Americans deploy their Colt MMG, then it and the Benet-Mercie LMG poured fire at the Fedayeen, The Heston deck gun adds its weight also.

El Rougi`s cavalry move out

Turn 11

The Fedayeen break and run

El Rougi`s cavalry arrive at the road, the M/C platoon LMG opens fire into their flank causing casualties (and a morale check)

Turn 12

El Rougi`s cavalry blow their morale check and flee!!

Colonel Eric von Stran tries to negotiate with El Rougi

Turn 13

The M/C platoon comes under fire from Arab machine gun, they deploy and return fire. El Rougi`s bodyguard rush forward also.

The various American platoons move through the village

Turn 14

The Americans deploy their 2.95" Vickers-Maxim

A armed pirate ship arrives

Turn 15-16

The American 2.95" pops off a couple of rounds at El Rougi`s palace! This is enough to convince the Sheik the jig was well and truly up, he hands over Mrs andersson to Col. von Stran and legs it out of the back gate.....

The pirate vessel is less lucky

Col. von Stran hands over Mrs Andersson to the victorious Americans


  1. A Thrilling Romp! What period is this? Pre-WW1?

    1. I set the date at 1916 prior to US involvement in WW1

  2. Damn El Rougi, a hard to beat SOB.

    1. He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day :)

  3. Another crackin'AAR, Richard! And an exciting game I can see. Cheers!

  4. Brilliant stuff Richard.



  5. Excellent!! Love these type of games. Reminds me of the Richard Crawley Crisis Point games we have played set in Andreivia.
    Cheers, Richard P

    1. Very kind, high praise indeed :)
      I love Richard`s stuff, my Spanish 1990s Cold War force was started to take part in an Andrevian scenario. I was the NATO contingent and wanted something different from Brits/Yanks/west Germans - so i went Spanish :)

    2. Same here I ended up doing Italians for my NATO Andreivian force 👍

    3. That sounds very cool and different

      Once I clear this game away, I`ll get my Spanish out and photograph them - I don`t think the whole force has ever been together in one place at the same time - so its about time I did that :)