Sunday, 7 March 2021


Another two models that were part of the care package sent to me by Bill Krieg 

A pair of venerable Airfix Sherman, 

I had to strip down the track units (still not brilliant but functional), I than stowed both up using a variety metal, plastic and resin bits. I added turret AAMGs fitted suitable crew heads into the driver position hatch. 

A quick simple paint job and these will match up with my existing NWE Shermans

Tank 1 

The crewman here is one of HAT Industrie US tank riders set

Tank 2

This crewman was Britannia Miniatures from their M10

Both together


  1. Very nice Ronsons and brilliant add-ons. I used the same as the basis for my Sherman AD in NWE.

    1. Cheers Joao, I`m quite pleased how these came out :)

  2. I like the way you have added the stowage to the front of the lower hull.
    This would therefore make it difficult to determine whether they are the early or later version.

    Of course, the gun mantlet also is a bit of a giveaway.
    Anyway, it has given me ideas for the 15-20 Airfix and Matchbox (Fireflies) I have to complete.

    1. Thanks, though frankly in almost every set of rules I`ve ever played - except for the gun, a Sherman is a Sherman is a Sherman, I don`t get bogged down with Mks - life is just far too short :)