Friday, 2 April 2021

Cold War Spanish (inventory)

Cold War Spanish


This all started when Richard Crawley decided to run his Crisis Point/Andrevia game at the Gauntlet show in Broughton nr Wrexham under the SOTCW banner yrs ago. Andrevia is a fictional Balkans type nation beset by all sorts of external and internal strife.

Now i don`t game post 1960 as a rule, but Richard`s setting in 1990ish post Cold War, I decided to paint up a small NATO contingent and chose the Spanish as something very different from the norm. As you will see this has grown somewhat   

I`ve never had everything in one place until now, so I have photographed all vehicles and troops together.

This force represents a Mechanized cavalry group which can be used as a QRF.

Complete force 

(note some vehicles still have UN markings)


M113 with Milan Hobbyden with two deployed teams

M106 mortar carrier Esci kit deployed MG3 team Elheim

M577 command vehicle S&S 6 figure command element

1st mech platoon

2 x 10 fig sections in M113 

Figures are a mix of Liberation, Platoon20 and Elheim

2nd mech platoon

2 x 10 fig sections in M113 

Figures are a mix of Liberation, Platoon20 and Elheim

Tank platoon (M60A3)

At the front we have an ancient Esci kit, at the back a resin model by S&S and the one facing up is a Revell kit 


2 x 5 figure squads in VAMTAC (Spanish Hummer copies) which are repainted di-cast toys

Figures mostly Elheim, I put the UN Jeep here for completeness (another repainted di-cast toy)

Armoured cars (AML60)

Left with commander = ACE, right = S&S

BMR600 platoon

This allows the force to move into the 90s

2 x BMR600 S&S

2 x 7 men squads all figures Elheim


  1. Brilliant, great to see them in their entirety. Only ever seen a few pictures on Richard C's blog 👍
    Cheers, Richard P

    1. Thank you, they have been staring at me since I unpacked them from the journey out here. As with most projects it is surprising what you have gathered over the years :)

  2. A very nice collection- certainly something different. Will you be raising some opposition for them?



  3. Which Elhiem figures did you use?
    Cheers, Richard P

    1. Mostly NATO West Germans, but he does some generic NATO in M1 pots too and there are also some G3 armed guys in his Iraqi range.