Sunday 28 February 2021

Operation Big Stick - table set-up

 Operation Big Stick - table set-up

Now for my next game I`ve gone back many yrs to some brief notes I scribbled about the Marine landing at Tangier in 1902 part of the Pedicaris Crisis. You may remember the action was features in the film Wind and the Lion.

Now combining this with a newspaper article I dug up about piracy in the Mediterranean in the late C19th, this gave a good starting point for a landing/rescue mission game!

The scenario is still in the editing phase, but I thought I`d post the table set-up

Looking across the table from the Atlantic side

The lighthouse & northern fort

The main dock

Second dock and southern fort

Northern part of Amoraldi

Main town & market square

Southern end of the table & mosque

market place

El Rougi`s palace