Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Even more NWE Germans

Even more NWE Germans

This hasn`t been a vintage month, but hey ho these days I`m not on the clock. 

Now I think I have enough NWE Germans, but Bill Krieg sent these with his care package and they are nice figures, so I painted them up.

2 Britannia M/c combos

3 Britannia SS cavalry plus an odd Revell gunner

Britannia 3-man LMG team

8 rather nice early war SS - these look like Dave Allsop`s to me?

All 11 infantry


  1. Love those- odd to think of motorbikes and cavalry in the same war....



    1. Cheers Pet
      My Volksgrenadier Regiment now has two 10-fig platoons (though I have to scrounge a couple of mules/pack horses for the LMGs and ammo) - I`m going to write them in as a mtd fusilier company (reduced obviously) part of the Regimental HQ {a recce company in effect} The M/C combs are also joining the HQ as part of the escort company.