Monday 5 April 2021

US MPs for NWE 1944

 US MPs for NWE 1944

Been writing over the weekend, well re-writing actually a scenario of mine published in the SOTCW Journal way back in issue 51.

Set during the first few days of the German Ardennes offensive, I found I needed some US MPs, so dug around in the boxes and came up with these.

Nice day for painting so set-up outside

A 5 man squad of MPs

4 off 2nd edition Airfix US Marines and one Fujimi hard plastic


Harley Davidson 



Also Fujimi - I`m not sure where the decal came from, could be theirs also??

Playing with the camera all together with the check point I build last year


  1. Your terrace looks like an aerial view of the Normandy countryside. What a wonderful playground for giant wargames.

    1. ha ha :)

      This is a large paved parking area below the house - we are very lucky