Saturday 17 April 2021

Museo Vehiculos Historicos Guadalest

 Museo Vehiculos Historicos Guadalest

Had a daddy day out today, I spotted this little museum when we visited Guadalest Castle a month or so back.

Situated in the quite stunning Guadalest valley.

Among the hundreds of interesting exhibits - motorcycles, bikes and powered cycles, small cars and things like typewriters, phonographs, petrol pumps - too much to list; there were of course military items.

BMW R-75 with sidecar

German IF8 trailer
Moto Guzzi 1946 model military Super ALCE trike
Note what i think is a Czech ZB37 MMG

Moto Guzzi late 1940s Military Falcone Ercole
Military Harley (1942)
Military Harley (1920)
Spanish Enduro 360 
Used by scout units in the 1980s note the Cetme
Condor A-580 (1945-53)
Used by the Swiss Army note the rifle bracket
Now i`ve searched picture databases and think it is a Czech ZB37 - MG37(t) in German service
Now the barrel looks like a Spanish Valero model 1932, but the mounting looks like a Brixia?? 
Update that font of all knowledge David Reasoner has identified this as a Valero model 1940

Flame thrower
I have no idea of the vintage I guess 1940s/50s

All-in-all an interesting little museum the results of one mans hobby. 
My son Chris (19) and I wandered around reading the cards looking at the wonderful bikes - all in amazing restored condition, it was great to see him interested and excited. My wife also seemed to enjoy the day and we had a great meal after in the restaurant next door.

So highly recommended the museum is located at 03517 on the road between Callosa and Guadalest