Sunday, 31 October 2021

Spanish Civil War game

 As I was setting the Sicily game it occurred to me the terrain (with just a little modification) could be used for other periods I play. So here is a SCW game on virtually the same table.

 Drive to the Sea

April 1938

The Battle of Teruel exhausted the material resources of the Republican Army, and wore out the veteran Republican troops. A slowdown of supplies from the Soviet Union exacerbated the difficulties of the Republican government, whose armament industry in Catalonia was already beleaguered. At the same time, however, Francisco Franco had concentrated the bulk of the Nationalist forces in the east and was preparing to drive through Aragon and into Catalonia and the Levante. The Nationalists were able to concentrate 100,000 men between Zaragoza and Teruel with the best troops in the lead. Even though the Nationalist army was numerically inferior to the Republican forces, the Nationalists were better equipped and had almost 950 airplanes, 200 tanks and thousands of trucks.

The Rebel offensive which began at Belchite on March 10th continues a pace, the government forces and militia including the famed International Brigades have no answer to the Rebels overwhelming air support and artillery.

As columns spread out south towards the Mediterranean, one such column meets up with the enemy! 

The game

A motorised column from Yague`s elite Army of Africa, including some armoured vehicles is moving south taking advantage of a good road. In front of them is a small village situated on a good stone bridge over a steep-sided seasonal river (mostly dry). Cavalry scouts have already spotted a road block and have warned the column the village is probably occupied by Government troops!

Army of Africa column

All mounted in trucks:

Legion Bandera

Regulares Tabor

Caros de combate company


Cavalry recce troop (begins game already on table)

Republican defenders

Company of militia de Aragon 


AT rifle team

MMG team

50mm mortar team

75mm field gun plus crew


Guardia de Asalto company

Including an armoured car and armoured lorry

The table

Opening moves, the Army of Africa column arrives, the cavalry scouts are already on the table.

The Republican 75mm opens up with some truly awful dice rolling, but it does halt the column and Legionnaires jump from their trucks


The Regulares also begin to arrive and leap from their trucks, the legion command element (in overall command) takes up a central position to control all attacking elements. The 75IG is set-up to engage the Republican 75mm.

Both guns exchange shots, the IG causes casualties among the Republican crew, but the 75mm scores its first real hit of the game and destroys the IG

The Panzer I leads the assault across the bridge, but the militia AT rifle quickly stops it dead (driver killed maybe?)

The Republican 50mm mortar and the Milicina LMG team stall the legionnaires advance throughout the game this little mortar was a constant pain to the rebels causing niggly casualties most rounds!

No less than 3 MMGs, an LMG, 2 vehicle mounted MGs, a 20mm cannon and a 80mm mortar plaster the house with the Milicinas whilst the Regulares move forward and prepare their assault across the river and bridge.

The Republican 75mm disrupts the Legionnaires attack

Rebel mortars finally silence the 75mm by reducing its crew and causing the rest to abandon their gun

On the left a Legion platoon out flanks the defending militia, caught in a devastating crossfire they don`t last long!

Legionnaires and Regulares cross the bridge under fire from militia

Rebel mortars zero in the defenders

The assault Guards arrive to bolster the defence

Unfortunately so does the Condor Legion airforce

The Rebel mortars clear the militia from the farm as the Heinkel unloads on the Assault Guard knocking out the A/C

The Regulares prepare to assault the village, the defenders fire is slackening as mortars and machine guns silence one position after another 

The Heinkel swings around and strafes the milicinas breaking their morale

Several rounds of vicious close assaults and house clearing follow, before the remaining militia abandon their defence and flee!


  1. That is brilliant Richard. great reuse of a set up.



    1. Thanks Pete, I`m considering a Mexican Revolution next, though I`ll have to change the buildings :) I may expand the table to allow a bit more deployment too.

  2. Great table and minis. Congratulations.

    1. Cheers João, a bit of a slugfest as far as the game went, but it proved the principle of using virtually the same table for two completely different periods. I`m considering a Mexican Revolution next, though I`ll have to change the buildings :)