Sunday 20 March 2022

Refurbished trees


Now I`m no good at terrain, I really don`t have the skills or patience.

But I think I`ve made some steps in the right direction over recent years to at least make my tabletop look a little better. 

Anyway I have a box full of battle/time worn trees bought over the last 30yrs which frankly look worse for wear, so I finally got around to trying to refurbish them into something a bit more presentable. 

This is the the first batch of 15: 

All based on 30mm steel washers with a plaster ground coat, painted with cheap acrylic burnt umber. 

I added lichen to fill our gaps and generally bulk up those that needed it with the help of contact adhesive, then a light spray of matt varnish (to stiffen everything up) and finally a light spray of cheap green to blend in the new lichen. Not too bad I think at 4ft across a table, they`ll do for me. 

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