Monday, 21 March 2022

Rough Wooden fencing

 Cheap and cheerful wooden fencing

As some of you may be aware one of the principle requirements for our Spanish home was a garden for my wife. She won multiple awards for our guesthouse in Swansea just with the tiny front garden and various hanging baskets and pots. It is her passion and what she wanted, so it was number one on our requirements list for the property. Anyway a few months ago I was helping put up a trellis for a jasmine using a metal frame and this plastic mesh, on closer inspection I noted the mesh resembled wooden fencing, so kept a left over piece and here is the result.

Originally it looked like this
I cut it into roughly 6" strips and mounted it on these rather useful wooden sticks (about twice the width of a lolly stick) which i bought at a local craft store.
A added texture with plaster and then they looked like this
Once set and dried i undercoated everything in cheap grey spray paint
Once dry I gave the "wood" a quick paint with cheap acrylic dark umber

Once dry I flocked the ground and they are all done - approximately 9 foot of fencing

A few shots to show scale, I did find a couple of lengths of old Airfix fencing and painted/based this up in the same fashion at the same time.



  1. That is really effective- good spot and repurposing.



  2. I always enjoy scratch-built terrain. These look great!
    Regards, James

    1. What can i say - I`m cheap :) Thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.