Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Di-cast WIP (update 24th June)

 Di-cast WIP

I`ve spent a couple of days sorting out various di-cast toys to repurpose them for my various wargaming forces

Bill Krieg was kind enough to send me three of these last year, this one was complete and I`ve decided to use as is except for a new green paint job and some French commercial decals.

This one I`ve turned into a cargo truck using various stowage (mostly from S&S Models)

I also added a tow hook
I`ve decided after much thought to make the last blue tanker lorry into a cargo vehicle too this time with a canopy, the block here will be a former for the canopy which I`ll make using papier-mache

I month or so back I picked up some interesting vehicles are a local flea market 
These plastic trailers came with a modern tractor
 I removed the loads and added lots of mixed stowage

As you can see it fits nicely behind the truck

Trailer No2

I didn`t want to waste the old loads so will turn them into battlefield scatter

This will become a new command HQ vehicle for my Italians


  1. Very nice Richard- I like what you've done with the trialers.



    1. Cheers Pete, I do like rear echelon and supply units

  2. Can't wait to see these with some paint on them! That supply truck with trailer should be able to keep an entire force supplied for multiple games... unless it is hijacked by guerilla forces.

    1. It will be July now as we are flying back to the UK on Tuesday for a wedding in a weeks time.

    2. These are all now undercoated ready for painting, I`ve also written and set-up July`s game, but this wedding is Debbie`s favourite cousin and takes priority :)