Monday 9 July 2012

Gauntlet 2012

Held over 2 days at the Airbus Social Club - Broughton nr Chester

Once again a wonderfully friendly, laid-back couple of days. Will Macnally and Pete Jones set up and ran two large games set in Vietnam - I`ve got to say a big THANK YOU to them for that and putting up with my horrendous dice rolling all weekend :mad: We were joined on the Saturday by Richard Crawley and his son Jamie and Rob Connolly.

The Saturday game "Route 66" was a convoy game moving through the jungle to a new firebase. The game ran using "blinds" which may or may not have been anything (VC, NVA, traps, etc).

Some pics of Ian Shaw`s Stalingrad game on the Saturday

On the Sunday Will and Pete changed the whole table to a city-scape and we ran Hue

Photos of a Spearhead game "Kursk" on the Sunday

15mm Flames of War (Sunday)

Ian Shaw`s CWC modern game (Sunday)

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