Wednesday 11 July 2012

My Scenarios published in a Spanish online magazine

Several months ago (last year actually) I was approached by the editor of Times of War magazine, a Spanish online mag dedicated to Flames of War. He had seen some pics of the SOTCW game at Gauntlet 2009 - my Seige of Tifaruin game set during the Rif War (Spanish Morocco 1919-26). He wanted permission to use some pics to illustrate an up-coming article on the war in his mag. Now I`m happy for peopel to use my images as long as they give me and the SOTCW credit, so no problem, but I also offered he a couple of quick scenarios too (which he jumped at), and once he heard about my Rif War Guide (published by TooFatLardies) he also offered to advertise it, if I wrote a brief introduction (which I did). Anyway sometime later and issue 9 of Times of War is now available here -

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