Thursday 12 July 2012

Volksgrenadier Battalion HQs

Now I`ve always thought command elemenst should be fielded on tabletop, I also think supply is important too. So within the Battalion HQ units I`ve included both.
I Battalion HQ
Note the TO&E has once again evolved to include 1/2 an infantry platoon (these representing the cooks, clerks and general odd`n ends who are present within a HQ unit)

Supply wagon with captured US 1/2 tonne trailer

CO with staff

Pack trains and supply wagons

HQ security platoon

II Battalion HQ

II Battalion HQ minus the dispatch rider (who is AWOL in this pic?)

CO & staff

Tractor with 3 tonne trailer (both di-cast toys)

Pack train with mounted holder, old Skytrex supply wagon in background

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