Saturday, 2 March 2013

Comandant du Tabor de Goumier

Lovely figure from Friend or Foe Miniatures, I`ve tried to get the Djellabah stripes and kepi detail (blue for Affairs Indigenes)


  1. Very nice,and a change from armour.

    I have been reading your blog carefully over the last few weeks as I am adding Italians to my SCW set up and I have found your posts a gold mine of whats available nowadays.

    many thanks for your efforts a very interesting and informative result.

    PS. still no manufacturers for 20mm rifs I suppose? Even NW Frontier is pretty poorly served in 20mm.

  2. John

    On the tray now are some Goumier from Friend or Foe and Retrokit, I`ve deliberately chosen figures with minimal kit and rexa (turban) not steel helmets. These make excellent Rifs (because of course they are :-)). If I have time today I`ll go and get some finished ones and post pics for you.

    Thank you for the kind comments.