Tuesday 19 March 2013

SOTCW Journal #78 has arrived!

As you may know I`m the editor for the SOTCW (Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers) magazine - The Journal and have been doing so now since issue #52.
Well Journal issue #78 finally arrived on my doormat yesterday :lol:


In this issue you will find -
Drive on Smolensk (a mini-campaign for Spearhead)
Tunisia 1943 (coastal naval mini-campaign)
Falklands Refight - a scenario/AAR for Shipwreck rules
Drive on Madrid (Blitzkreig Commander in the SCW)
Stalingrad & Stalingrad Revisited (game reports from Gauntlet 2012)
The Drive North (part 2 of Chris Stoesen`s Peace in Galilee campaign)
The Landings at Saafi (Operation Torch scenario)
Italian East Africa
2 x Cold War scenarios
A skirmish in the Ardennes 1944
Great War orbats for Rapid Fire! rules
And a few other interesting bits too :D

Plus all the usual columns.

This issue also announces the Great SOTCW Giveaway! So if you haven`t re-subbed or just fancy a chance at loads of FREE stuff, get your memberships in ASAP. You can join/re-sub via Paypal on the website

I`d like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue.

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