Wednesday 6 March 2013

French 43rd Colonial Regiment, Tunisia 1942/43

Well bits of it anyway :-)

Blitz Miniatures mortar team here posed as a AT crew (I`m over stocked on 80mm mortars), the gun is Early War Miniatures SA37 47mm (nice model)
Several packs of Friend or Foe 1940s French infantry
A couple of staff officers
Rifle platoon inc VB launcher
I`ve painted them up in lighter colours than the traditional Metropolitan Infantry, the basic plan being they can be used in Morocco 1918-35 or as Vichy troops in Syria/Lebanon as well as Operation Torch and Tunisian Campaigns. 


  1. Nice Stuff. Do they have armour support?

  2. The French had very little in the way of armour in Tunisia due to the restraints of the Armistice Commission. Some Laffly-White armoured cars, some Renault D-1 tanks and later in early 1943 Groupe Blinde sud Tunisienne with - British Valentines, Somua S-35s, 6 off US GMC75 halftracks and an attached US M3 Stuart company.

    Except for the D-1s I can field all or some of these if required :-)