Saturday 9 March 2013

Published again!

Issue #34 of Battlegames magazine dropped through my door this morning. This for those of you who don`t know will be the last issue before Battlegames folds into Miniature Wargames to become a new "shiny" publication under the editorship of Henry Hyde.

I always enjoy reading BG and so was delighted to get my copy, you can only imagine my joy to find that Henry had published a short article of mine in this issue too! The article - An Ever Evolving Army is about my attempts to build a flexible French force which can be used (with additions and substitutions) from 1900 - 1943. Henry included some photos of my collection within the article too. I`ve got to say i`m very chuffed today :-)

This is my 23rd article/scenario published in a glossy, plus two in a Spanish online magazine and my Riff War Guide, not bad for a boy who left school at 17 with only 2 "O" levels..........