Saturday, 28 February 2015

Book sale

Richard`s February Book Sale

With my bookshelves groaning under the strain, plus a desperate need to unload ahead of our potential move to Spain I find I need to sell off a variety of titles, there are some huge bargains here compared with the publisher prices.
All book prices include UK postage (overseas buyers pay actual postage).

If anyone is interested please email me

I`ll accept Paypal (friends and family) all books are good or excellent condition.

U-Boat War by Lothar Gunther Bucheim (Large hardback) £10

Steel Fist – tank warfare 1939-45 by Nigel Cawthorne (240 pages, paperback) £2.00

The Paint Guide for Figures of World War Two by Joaquin Garcia Gazuez (82 pages, Large paper back) £8.00

F-104S (Coccarde Tricolori Speciale) by RN Publishing (136 pages, large paperback) £6.50

US Army Insignia 1941-45 by Pierre Besnard (80 pages, paperback) £6.50

Liberty Roads – Red Ball Express 1944-45 by Nicolas Aubin (224 pages, large hardback) £10.00

Flight Gear (US Army Air Forces) 1942-45 by Mathieu Bianchi (176 pages, large hardback) £10.00

J’ai Survecu dans mon Panzer (12 Squadron, 24 panzer regiment, 24 PD) [French text] by Armin Bottger (168 pages, large hardback) £12.00

PK Cameraman (no1) – Panzerjager Abteilung 19(L) (94 pages, large hardback) £12.00

Battles That Changed Warfare 1457 – 1991 (various authors) 224 pages hardback (£8.00)

Generalissimo Stalin by Boris Gorbachevsky (349 pages paperback) £10.00

US Marine Vs Japanese Infantryman (Osprey Combat 8) £6.50

World War II US Navy Special Forces Units (Osprey Elite 203) £5.00

The Battle of the Bulge – Hitler’s Final Gamble by Patrick Delaforce (360 pages hardback) £10.00

The Devils General – life of Hyazinth von Strachwitz by Raymond Bagdonas (357 pages, hardback) £10.00

Moment of Battle – Twenty clashes that changed the World by James Lacey (478 pages, hardback) £8.00

Second Front – Allied Invasion of France 1942-43 (alternate history) by Alexander M. Grace (274 pages, hardback) £8.00

Assault from the Sky – US Marine helicopter operations in Vietnam by Dick Camp (264 pages, hardback) £8.00

Attack on Pearl Harbor by Alan D. Zimm (464 pages paperback) £8.00

The German Fallschirmtruppe 1936-41 by Karl-Heinz Golla (585 pages, hardback) £25.00

Set of two –
With Musket & Tomahawk Vol.1 & Vol.2 by Micheal O. Logusz (both paperbacks 418 & 262 pages) £15 total

Leipzig 1813 by Giles Boue (82 pages paperback) £6.50

A Magnificent Disaster (Arnhem 1944) by David Bennett (286 pages, paperback) £8.00

D-Day with the Screaming Eagles by George Koskimaki (366 pages paperback) £8.00

Strangling the Confederacy (coastal operations in ACW) by Kevin Dougherty (233 pages paperback) £8.00

Hitler’s Pre-Emptive War (Norway 1940) by Henrik O. Lunde (590 pages paperback) £8.00 (used condition)

The Battered Bastards of Bastogne by George Koskimaki (£519 pages, paperback) £10.00

At Leningrad`s Gates by William Lubbeck (258 pages, paperback) £8.00

Hells Highway by George Koskimaki (493 pages paperback) £10.00

Fighting Fox Company (the battling flank of the band of brothers) by Terry Poyser & Bill Brown (308 pages hardback) £10.00

Battle of the Bulge (Vol3 – 3rd Fallschirmjager) by Hans Wijers (193 pages paperback) £8.00

Ghosts of the ETO (US Tactical Deception Units in Europe 1944-45) by Jonathan Gawne (342 pages paperback) £10.00

Or go Down in Flames (a navigators death over Schweinfurt) by W. Raymind Wood (230 pages hardback) £7.00

Fabled Fifteen (the saga of Pacific Carrier Group 15) by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver (240 pages hardback) £7.00

Barbarossa Derailed (Vol3 – Smolensk, 10 July – 10 Sept. 1941) by David M. Glantz (628 pages hardback) £25.00    

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