Monday, 9 May 2016

Italian blitzkrieg

When Early War Miniatures first showed their up and coming Italian trikes I was drawn to them (as I often am to odd stuff). Then due to a mix up (well the boys are awful busy), I ended up with a mix of kits, some of which i hadn't ordered - d`oh! Not to make a fuss I decided to re-write my Italian orbat for Tunisia and enlarge the recce element to make use of the odd trikes I had`nt originally wanted. So my second order arrives early last week, great just what I wanted but - oh ho - I`m still short of a few bits and now realise I need some extra bits too. So I shoot off an order to Raventhorpe and as usual they turned my tiny (less than £20 order around in 2 days - brilliant).
So after much stopping and starting I finished all these this morning.

Armoured cars
The AB43 (right) is a re-painted di-cast, the AB41 is a very old Skytrex model a gift from Jon Sutherland  
Raventhorpe bikes and combinations
 EWM bikes
EWM trikes
Comms vehicle and MG carrier
 Deployed Breda (Raventhorpe)
 RTO - Raventhorpe
More EWM trikes
Supply trailer & transport
EWM staff car
EWM trike towing 47mm AT

Deployed EWM 47mm w/crew
EWM Italian colonials 
Converted with plasterscene into regulars


  1. I love the wierd little trikes too. They look like they would be more suited to a rural delivery service to me for some reason.



  2. My alex said they were ride-on lawnmowers :)

  3. Now extremely tempted by the EWM Italian trikes

  4. They do have that "oooh shiny, shiny" appeal :)

  5. These look great! Tempting...

  6. Thanks Paul :)

    As soon as Paul Thompson showed me the first casts I knew i had to buy a few - just for fun :)