Thursday 25 May 2023

Art instalation University of Alicante

 Art Instalation University of Alicante

As some of you may know Debbie and I have beeen trying to learn Spanish, frankly the only way to take formal classes was through Alicante University. This year we`ve been in building 1 on the campus and all around the ground floor they have had an art instalation about the pain and suffering of the Civil War. So today 25th May the anniversary of the worst bombing attack on Alicante during the war I took some photos to post here. War and history isn`t just fun and games, its sadness, destruction and horror.

For more about the bombing and war in Alicante I refer you to previous posts:


  1. Great photos of some fantastic and very moving artwotk.



  2. Striking and moving, each piece was with a small quote or piece of poetry (far too small to photograph)

  3. Richard, your posts on all things Spanish are always interesting, and this art recalling history is another. Hope the Spanish is going well. CarlL (ps Did I ever tell you about my brother working in Tarragona and taking up Spanish lessons with his wife, while all around them their workmates spoke mainly Catalan!?! They retire later this year and are in process of setting up home in Torrievieja area.)

    1. Hi Carl, I`ve been meaning to take photos of this installation all term, finally did it on the last day :) We both passed level B1 (though to be 100% honest I scraped through), but our language has come on leaps and bounds this term and the exam isn`t really that important, its the practice. My brother has a place down near Torrievieja (Villa Martin), the area seems nice enough, not as Spanish as where we are.