Friday, 16 May 2014

Arab compound

A simple Arab compound, designed for our Tunisian games

The buildings themselves started life as the two-part box of an Iphone-4 which John Dowman used to send a model to me a few weeks back. The roof domes are halves of a Kinder egg; I cut the slot windows and added all the door/window frames and two doors from bits of wood & balsa. For the main windows i made shutters (from plastic wicker baskets).
The fountain is a resin piece from Gamecraft Miniatures, the doorway and arch come from the diorama base of the Matchbox Ft17 & Char B kit. 
The walls and gates are by S&S Models.
All-in-all i`m pretty happy with the results.


  1. Now that is recycling! ;-)

    Looking real good!

  2. Very nice, amazing what a bit of effort and a lot of skill can achieve.

  3. I have an iPhone 4 box sitting next to my computer and my first thought was similar when I saw it!

  4. I opened the box, tipped out the lovely model John Dowman sent me and looked back at the box - the idea just sprang to life :-) Its like the old story of the kid at Christmas playing with wrapping paper and boxes and ignoring the toys :-)