Thursday, 29 May 2014

D-Day display

Our youngest sings in the church choir, he came back from practice last weekend all excited about this.

The local Air-cadets with help from local modellers have built a quite spectacular D-Day display using 1/35th scale models and figures, the whole thing has lights to simulate explosions and machine-guns plus a sound-tack.

The display hopes to remind viewers of D-Day and those brave men who died during WW2, there is of course a collection tin for the British Legion too. The whole thing is truly massive, my photos don`t do it justice -


  1. ThisModel whichis currently on Displayin ST MArys Church Swansea wasdesigned and created by staff and Cadetsof the 215 (Swnsea) AIR CADETS....Not sea cadets,

  2. Bugger how embarrassing - sorry for the error, I have now corrected the text :-(

    I knew it was the air-cadets too???? - sorry again

  3. good pics - Glasgow Warhog