Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Deserty Hills

I`m hopeless with terrain, I freely confess I just don`t have a clue or the time of patience for those wonderful constructions you see in the wargames press of online.

We have been renovating a house we own, part of that renovation was insulating an outside cupboard to protect the internal walls from damp. I used insulation boards, very handy and easy to use, there were of course left over bits and off-cuts. I decided to try and build a few simple hills for our tabletop. Nothing fancy, cut to shape glued to hardboard bases, painted with several coats of magnolia and terracotta paint, then stained with a dark wood-stain. Simple, cheap and only took about 48hrs (including drying time). I`ve included a couple of figures and a vehicle for scale.


  1. Nice looking terrain, inspired work!

  2. Your Far too kind Phil, I`m rubbish at everything :(

  3. I think it looks fine. Some sand flocking would work.a quick drybrush. I like the ruin on top. Something to fight over.