Thursday 29 May 2014

Work/hobby cross-over

As some of you may know we run a guesthouse in Swansea, well last night Paul Thompson of Early War Miniatures stayed with us.

Its one of those rare occasions where my real life and hobby mix. Paul is a real gent and we spent a few pleasant hours discussing all things French and EWM and 20mmzone products, really, really nice. I got to show off some of my toys and Paul gave me sneak preview of his latest creations - French Poilu in early dress (1910-1915) in kepi and frock-coat armed with long Lebel rifles and bayonet, plus some stunning St. √Čtienne Mle 1907 machine gun teams (both firing and moving teams).

He was also kind enough to give a review sample of 20mmzone`s newly released Renault AGR truck.

All-in-all a nice evening and pleasant morning combining work/hobby.

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  1. You jammy so-and-so - I look forward to the painting report.