Saturday, 3 May 2014

Update to Kradschutzen-10

I`ve had a productive week.

I continue to adapt and add to my 10th panzer project, a while back I decided to make the armoured and M/C elements of Krad-10 visually different on tabletop. I began by changing the armoured infantry to figures wearing zeltbahn; now I have finished painting up the 2nd M/C platoon so all the M/C infantry are figures wearing greatcoat.
2nd M/C platoon, Kradschutzen-10
All Britannia greatcoat infantry 
(the guy on the right in the first pic is from earlier, hence the different base colour) 
 This range doesn`t have a proper LMG team, except this one standing for use in Tobruk positions or trenches, I adapted it.
The whole platoon together with M/Cs
New command element for Krad-10
Transport, a re-painted di-cast 250/3 with a Britannia crewman 
Staff - Britannia Luftwaffe FD troops in zeltbahn
Sdkfz 263 command vehicle
Now I don`t usually do higher command elements, but I had quite fancied doing one of these (Krad-10 had one in its HQ). Anyway John Dowman was selling off this SHQ model (painted grey) so I bought it and repainted it to match my other 10PD vehicles.

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