Monday, 8 August 2016

Australian 7th Division

Australian 7th Division

Well 31 of them anyway :)

Roughly enough figures for a rifle company under our rules, but these will be parceled out among my 8th Army to give them a more Anzac flavour for our Syrian games.

A mix of Britannia and Wartime Miniatures plus some odds`n sods and minor conversions.

BOYs AT rifle team built from odd figures and a gun out of the spares box
 Britannia 2" mortar team
 Various Wartime Miniatures

 Britannia Miniatures

L-R Stronghold (head swapped + added rifle); Britannia officer, Stronghold (added rifle)
 2 x Britannia, Stronghold NCO (head swapped)
 Britannia RTO, Wartime officer, Stronghold officer, Stronghold RTO (head swapped)


  1. Nice job mate. They look brilliant!

  2. Thank you, quite pleased with these myself ;)

  3. Thanks, I find they blend quite nicely with Raventhorpe 8th Army too