Sunday, 25 February 2018

Inventory - NWE Yanks

3 x 44 man companies with:
4-man HQ (CO, NCO, walkie-talkie, RTO)
3 x 10-man platoons (NCO/officer, BAR + 8 riflemen)
10-man support weapon platoon with:
.30cal team, 60mm mortar team, Bazooka team, sniper, NCO, 2 ammo carriers

2 x 81mm mortar teams (2 gunners each), 2-man OP team
3 x .30cal water-cooled MMGs (2-crew each)
2 medics & 4 wounded
2 x AT platoons each with:
2 x 57mm guns + 7 crew
2 x 12 man engineer platoons

HQ units with:
10 various officers, NCOs & comms staff

Spares un-assigned as yet, but can be recce teams etc
18 infantry + 4-man HQ

105mm battery
2 guns, 10-crew, 4-man HQ, 2-man OP
105mm short
Gun + 5-crew, 2-man OP
3" tank destroyer
Gun + 5-crew   

Armour and transport

Early period (Operation Torch/Tunisia)

4 x M4 Lee

 Tank destroyers
M3 GMC75, M6 dodge 37mm SP
M3 scout car
4 x M3 lt tanks  


7 x M4 (75) Shermans, 1 x M4 (105) assault gun, 1 x M32 recovery
 Armoured field artillery battery
2 x M7 Priest, 1 x M30 cargo carrier
3 x GMC 6x6, 1 x Dodge 6x6, 1 x Dodge 4x4
2 x M16
3 x M8, 6 x Jeep, 1 x M3 (radio vehicle), 1 x M5 lt tank, 1 x M8 GMC

M3 w/trailer,Jeep w/trailer, dozer
 Armoured Infantry tracks
M3 towing 57mm
 11 x various M3s

 2 x M4 HTMC
 2 x M3 radio vehicles
 2 x M3 tows
 6 various Jeeps
 2 jeeps w/trailers

Free French 2DBle

2 x M10 tank destroyers

GMC 6x6 40mm Bofors SPAA


  1. That is quite a collection. Nice one.



  2. Didn`t have time to do the Germans - now that is a bit embarrassing - 2 complete infantry battalions, a full recce battalion plus 3 companies of DAK and of course support services and guns.........