Friday 9 February 2018

Late war Germans

Late war German Kompanie

First work of the year  😊

A German rifle company under our rules (though a bit heavy on the Panzerfausts 😁)
4-figure HQ plus 3 x 10 figure platoons

I`ve tried to mix uniforms and camouflage patterns on smocks/helmets, I`ve also tried a new colour mix for the zeltbahn 

Elheim Figures German infantry w/Panzerfaust
Really nicely scaled, good poses too

Elheim grenadiers w/STG44

Elheim SS prone MG42 team
I like this team a lot, just lovely sculpts

Elheim Germans in Zeltbahn moving MG42 team
Again nicely posed and sculpted - quality

Underfire Miniatures
The last two of these, the mix in quite well with Elhiem and Grubby 

Grubby Fallschirmjäger modified to be infantry
Head-swaps using Raventhorpe heads,
The kneeling guy with the rifle w/grenade adapter had a FG-42
as did the prone figure

Grubby infantry

L-R Grubby (modified), Underfire (modified), Britannia

Various Britannia

Company HQ

1st platoon

2nd platoon

3rd platoon