Wednesday 28 February 2018

Inventory - Late War Germans

Inventory - Late War Germans

Everyone has that part of their collection which they can`t really explain or justify - this is mine 😁
I am not and never have been a Nazi fan-boy, but this part of my collection does just keep growing, mostly due to my knowing several talented sculptors who continue to produce wonderful new figures.

German Infantry Battalions 

2 complete regular (Volksgrenadier) battalions

3 x Infantry kompanies with - 
3 x 10-fig platoons (1 x Panzerfaust & LMG each)  
4-fig HQ (officer, NCO, RTO, runner) 
Cycle (recce) platoon - 9-men (1x Panzerfaust + LMG) both deployed and mounted
Panzerjager platoon - 2 x Panzershreck teams + 4 men
Pioneer platoon - 10-men (flamethrower)
Machine gun company - 4 x MMG teams, 2 x 81mm mortar teams + 2 wagons
Gun company (light & hvy combined) -
75IG + 2 crew (horse drawn)
Pak97/38 + 2 crew (horse drawn)
120mm mortar + 3 crew & truck
2-man Obs team 
Supply train 
 Horse mounted NCO, 1 wagon, 2 trucks, 2 x 2-horse pack teams
3 x RTO, 4 x officer, medic + 2 wounded, M/C dispatch rider

(2nd battalion is missing its medic/wounded and mounted NCO)
1st battalion
 supply train
 MG kompanie
 Gun kompanie
 Cycle and pioneer plts
 HQ 1st battalion
 2nd battalion
 supply train
 MMg kompanie
 Gun kompanie
 Cycle plts
 Panzerjager + pioneer plts

Regimental HQ and assets 

Regimental HQ and comms vehicles
 Feld politzi platoon
7-men, kubelwagon, Kfz15 car 
 Welfer batterie
12 gunners, 3-man obs team
Panzerjager plt
2 x shreck teams plus 4 men 
 Regimental staff
10 officers, 4 comms, 2 M/C dispatch riders
 Pak40 + 5 crew & tow
 Field kitchen plus 4 men
 Supply train
2 truck w/trailers
Tractor w/trailer

 2 additional infantry/grenadier kompanies of
3 x 10-man platoons (1 x panzerfaust, LMG each)
4-man HQ

Armour and transport

3 x PzIV, 2 x Stug III, 1 x StuH, 1 x Marder IIIM, 1 x Tiger I
 Beute Firefly, Tiger I
 Beute S-35, recce panzer 38T, Panzer IIIM
 Panzer IIIM
 Opel tanker, Sdkfz11, 2 x kubelwagon
 Opel truck, SWS hvy halftrack
 Wesp Batterie
 Sdkfz10/4 w/trailer, Opel ambulance
 Sdkfz251/21 (Drilling), Sdkfz 251/3
 Sdkfz 251/9 + Sdkfz 251/7
 Panzergrenadier rides
3 x 251/1 + 251/10

Recce battalion

Hq with:
14 men (4 officers, Panzershreck team, 5 signals guys, 3 drivers) 2 x Kubelwagon, Sdkfz250/3
4 x 12 man grenadier platoons (LMG and Panzerfaust each)
10-man pioneer platoon + Kfz 15 car + trailer

Grenadier Kompanies 
1st Kompanie is armoured with 3 x 250/1 and an armoured Laffly W15
2nd Kompanie had 3 x Swimwagon, 3 M/C combinations and 4 solo bikes 
Support Kompanie
Pioneer platoon, 250/2 (81mm mortar), 250/7 (75mm short)
 Sdkfz11 mitt 20mm, Pak40 + 4 crew & Sdkfz11 tow
 Armoured cars
 Panhard 178 (needs a repaint)
Light kompanie - sdkfz 250/9 & sdkfz 222
Hvy  Kompanie - sdkfz 232 & sdkfz 233 


  1. That is a pretty mighty force. It should cover all your needs when it comes to the opposition.



  2. Yes, pretty much :)

    Just tinkering now, soft-skins, horse-drawn transport etc :)

  3. Wonderful variety of vehicles, guns and tanks. Especially liked the support vehicles.

  4. I must crew the Wespe batterie one of these days :) I don`t think it has ever seen a tabletop??

    Cheers Pete

  5. love the horse drawn stuff, great collection

  6. Excellent mate, I have a lot of Germans also. But my hoarding tendencies is 28mm Romans, 6 armies so far.

  7. I do a very limited time scale 1890-1960, my WW2 armies are by far the largest, but not at all my favourites :) These days I probably have enough to cover anything I`m ever likely to do, but you and I both know some wonderful sculptors and modellers and new interesting stuff appears all the time. Just had two small orders off Elhiem and Raventhorpe which should keep me going for a few months, awaiting one of Grubby too, so i can complete some half finished units....