Sunday, 25 February 2018

Inventory - French post war 1950`s era

French post war 1950`s era

Algeria, Indo-China and post war police actions up to 1960

Groupe Saharienne Portee
 Obs team with Jeep
 Command team plus native scout + Jeep
 M8 A/C, 2 x Dodge power wagon (one with .50cal, the second with 105mm RCL)
 1st squad (8-men inc LMG + native scout)
2nd squad (8 men inc sniper + native scout)

Legion Cavalry EBR armoured car

Indo-China SP `75

Beret Rouge (French paras)

17 men (3 RTO, 1 officer)
Stretcher party with wounded trooper

Moroccan Traillieur
16 -men (1 x LMG)

Algerian Traillieur
9-men (1 x LMG)

French troops 
A mix of helmets, bush hats and berets

 3 x 10-man plts each with an LMG (one has a sniper)
7-man HQ (RTO, LMG, 57mm RCL) 


  1. Very nice Richard- time to re-watch 'Battle of Algiers'....



  2. I was quite shocked how many troops I had squirreled away for this project :) They of course can also be used for French paras in Zaire in the 1970s or mercenaries in the Congo, etc as required