Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Inventory - Desert WW2 Germans

Inventory - Desert WW2 Germans

Suitable for anywhere in the Med. Theatre including DAK and 10th Panzer in Tunisia

2 x 12 man plts for armd company of Kradschltzen-10 (1 LMG each)
2x 10-man plts for M/C company of Krad-10 (1 LMG each)
4-men HQ for Krad-10 plus 2 x M/C combs 

12 x 10 man DAK infantry plts ( 1 LMG each)
2 x 81mm mortar teams + NCO
2 x MMG teams + NCO
2 x 10-man pioneers plts
7 officers, RTO, 2 medics, wounded figure, 4 guards 

Armour and vehicles

Horch car & a kubelwagon
 Renault AHN being used a supply vehicle
Opel tanker, 2-drum trailer
14-figure supply platoon
(recce battalion of 10th Panzer)
2 x Sdkfz222, 1 x 232, 1 x 262, 1 x 221, 4 x Sdkfz250/1 (2 with sustained fire MGs)
1 x Sdkfz250/3, 1 x Horch towing a 75IG, 10 x M/C combs

Marder III Pak 36(r) (1st Kompanie), Pak40 plus tow and crew (2nd Kompanie)
 Panzergrenadier Regiment 69, II Battalion
1 x Sdkfz 251/10, 4 x Sdkfz 251/1, I x Sdkfz 251/9 
 Elements 21st Panzer
Marder IIIH, Sdkfz 241
 Elements 501st Hvy Tank Battalion
Sdkfz 251/8, Panzer IIIN
 II Battalion, Panzer Regiment 7
7 x Panzer IIIL, 3 x Panzer IV (long 75), 1 x Panzer II, 1 x Panzer IIIH command
 13 Batterie Panzer Artillerie Regiment 90 (formally Sturmgesschutz Batterie 242)
1 x Stug IIIG

Guns and stuff

Various flak elements
Single 37mm with tailer and ammo trailer + 3 crew
88mm Plus Sdkfz 7 tow & 8 crew
20mm battery off 2 x guns + Krupp truck & trailer + 7 crew
French 25mm AA mounted in captured M3 half-track (Tunisian field conversion) 

2 x 50mm pak38 w/7 crew
105mm field battery
2 guns plus 11 crew
 Battery HQ
Captured 25pdr battery
10th Panzer captured enough 25pdrs to form a complete extra battery in Tunisia, DAK had also used the weapon quite a bit in NA.
2 x guns plus 8 crew
 Sdkfz 10 + 25pdr limber (based on a photo)
 Pak36(r) 76mm AT gun + 4 crew


  1. Wow that is some collection.



  2. Cheers Pete, i have to photograph the odds and sods still here in the display cabinet.