Tuesday 29 December 2020

Mexican Revolution game - the forces

 The forces

Padre Ramon and Sister Therez await the coming storm

Whilst their flock flees away (the Colorados have a really bad rep)

Villa`s scout train arrives on table, it carries an infantry company plus a Colt machine gun, the armoured cupola has a 65mm mountain gun. The white painted wagon with the Cruz Azul marking is a medical wagon.

Villa`s "army group"

Villa himself plus staff

Railway company

Villas elite infantry (escort, Yaqui scouts, Chicitas de Muerta)

Yaqui scouts

Chicitas de Muerta

"Madero" Cavalry Squadron (mounted and dismounted)

"Benito Juarez" Artillery battery - 75mm & 37mm Hotchkiss revolving cannon

The "Victoriana Huerta" Motorised column approaches the pueblo - the column has a German armoured car & truck (both gifts from the German Ambassador), a towed 75mm and a couple of platoons of former Rural Guards, the unit is commanded by Col. Pedro Ramierez de Diaz (in the red car)

Col de Diaz forces

2 squadrons of veteran Colorado cavalry (mounted and dismounted)

A horse drawn 75mm

2 platoons of rural guard (VH motorised colum)

Col. de Diaz and staff


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    1. Thanks this game is still set up to run, I had some down time over Christmas, will get back at it soon.