Monday 14 December 2020

Cheap Explosion Markers

Cheap Explosion Markers

Now before we start I fully accept my skills are limited and you all will find obvious faults with my techniques and be able to improve on them.

After the game I ran set around the Forges rail yard it was obvious to me I needed larger explosion markers, for artillery bursts, etc. I looked across the internet at the usual suspects and found nothing suitable for what I wanted, so thought I`d give it a go myself.

I went out and bought a packet of 18 x 20mm diameter washers (75 cents), a can of spray black matt (2 Euro), 2 tubes of poster paint yellow and red (1.25 Euros each). I already had a universal glue and an old flat pillow.

STEP 1 clumps of pillow stuffing and glued it to the washers    

STEP 2 A quick liberal spray with the black matt (when dry this added some body to the stuffing)

STEP 3 after allowing to dry slapped on yellow poster paint

STEP 4 after allowing drying time slapped on red poster paint

I`m quite happy with the finished look across 4ft of table top (or front garden)

So now I have 18 nice largish explosion markers at a cost of maybe 10 pence each - not bad


  1. Great stuff mate, nice and simple you can never have enough of them.

    I added black felt to mine to give them a little weight and they will sit in vehicles without scratching them.


  2. Cheers matt, yes a felt base is a good idea, will buy a piece next time I`m out and about in town.

  3. They look great- the pillow stuffing should be more hardwearing than the cotton wool I've used in the past.



    1. cheers Pete, people kept mentioning bear stuffing? Which my darling said was the same stuff as they used for pillow and cushions - so here you go :)