Monday 28 December 2020

Mexican Revolution game table set-up

Mexican Revolution game table set-up

 The basic idea is for an encounter battle, but I`m still working out the details, I thought you`d like to see the table (it may change a little as i write the scenario)

My basic plan is for a battle set during the reign of Gen, Victoriano Huerta (Feb 1913 - July 1914) taking some liberties with equipment :) The two sides to entre at opposite corners, first unit on for the Rebels being a scout train (engine plus cars, maybe a mounted gun plus a company of so on board) whilst the Government (supporters of President Huerta) arrive by road first up be a motorised column with an armoured car and some lorried infantry (maybe a towed gun too).

The rest of both "armies" will arrive piece meal randomly, building into a total fubar of a battle  :D 

I may use exactly the same layout for a attack/defense battle with Pershing`s Yanks against Villaistas too :)

The table is roughly 10` long, but varies in width between 8` and 4`

Looking from the narrow end towards the  wider end

Left side looking towards the river and church hill

Across the whole table

The rights side with the rail yard

Closer view of rail yard and lumber mill

rail bridge

Farm at the right top corner

Right side of the pueblo

Centre of the pueblo


Pueblo market place

Church and cemetery

Looking back across the table from the wider end


  1. Looks like 15mm? What rules will you use - Grant again?

    1. As always 20mm which apart from a small Rif War (Spanish Morocco 1920s) set-up in 28mm is the only size/scale I play :) and yes will be using Mr Grant`s time served rules (some minor period mods).