Saturday, 12 December 2020

Spanish Civil War game (set-up)

 Forcing a Crossing of the Zaccara

Spanish Civil Game

This is a fictional game I set up for fun without any historic basis, please excuse my stealing place names and mixing units and kit.   

It`s Autumn 1937, the rebels once again on the offensive, a mixed column are driving north towards Madrid from the south (Ciudad Real). They find their way blocked by the Rio Zaccara and a reasonably strong looking republican defensive line.

Over the preceding days, Moorish scouts have worked their way along the river line and have finally pin pointed a possible weakness - the pueblo of Alameda which also happens to have a strong stone bridge suitable for trucks, etc

An attack plan was formulated and units sent to the area for tomorrows attack.

Rebel Forces

Elements of 3rd Tabor Regulares de Melilla 

About 5 platoons plus HQ & 80mm mortar team

4th Company Navares Fusiliers 

4 x 10man platoons (one has an LMG), 4-man HQ

Elements of 1st Bandera Spanish Foreign Legion

A infantry company plus a machine gun company (all truck mounted)

Elements 1st Legion Carros de Combate


KFZ15 armoured car

KFZ231 armoured car

Towed 75mm IG

Towed 37mm AT gun

A battery of Colonial Artillery Regiment No1 (75mm)

2 guns + crews (truck towed)

Air support

Henschel 123

Republican Defenders

2nd Militia Battalion of XII Brigade

Battalion HQ

Battalion reserve platoon

Battalion medical unit

3 rifle companies plus support

Battalion support weapons plus a mixed artillery battery (1 x 13pdr, 1 x 75mm)

Armoured car company

Bilbao A/C


Assault Guarde platoon in armoured truck

Air support

Bi-plane fighter

My table

Looking towards the river

The river and bridge

Looking towards the Rebel advance

Initial set-up

The Moroccans started advancing on foot along the left side, the Navarese down the right. The Legion (in trucks) along with the armour advanced down the road. The African Artillery battery set-up ready to cover the attack.

Moroccans down the left

African Artillery

Carlists down the right

Condor Legion

1st company of the Militia await the attack


  1. Nice to see so many nice SCW models in action. I also have to restart mine.

    1. Thank you
      These have not seen serious tabletop action before, this will be my first full game.

  2. very nice to see these figures out on the table. Splendid set up. My own have been in the garage packed for the two years since moving house. I must get them going next year. Some very familiar figures but I do not recognise any of the North African Artillery, very characterful can I ask who makes them?

    1. Hi John, nice to hear from you :)

      The gunners are actually Irregular Miniatures SCW figures with sun-hats - he will if asked give all his figures the same head/hat/helmet. I wanted a company sized unit for Rif War Morocco, but ended up with a surplus, so pruned the guns, adjusted the poses and created some gun crews :) The two `75s I think are one each - Bandera & Irregular though don`t ask me which is which :) The gun commander is Miniarons.

  3. great stuff! What rules are you using?

    1. A time served version of Charles Grant`s "Battle" rules from the 1960s