Sunday 6 December 2020

Fair bargains

 Fair Bargains 

My birthday yesterday (Dec 5th) so we went out for the day with out Chris to a market outside Benidorm (the closest I`ve ever been to the place). Among the stalls was one selling comics, records, medals and coins, etc. Among their stuff I noticed some di-cast aircraft and 54mm figures from those magazine collections by Deagostini (you know the ones). Now I wasn`t looking to buy unless they had something I really wanted - I really want a 1942 era lightning for Tunisia! but then I saw right at the back 1/72nd scale vehicles still in their display boxes, so asked the price (as you do). I was pleasantly surprised to be told 9 Euro each, buy several and I`ll give you a deal!! Well why not take a look eh. So with my son looking on I delved into the pile and dug out some of the more interesting useful vehicles - a 6x6 Dodge WC63 plus trailer, a 30cwt LRDG Chevy plus Breda, AS42 Sarharina (with Breda) & a Ford quad plus 25ldr + limber.

I showed the guy who said I could have them all for a grand total of 30 Euro - 7.50 Euros each- I couldn`t believe my luck, thank God i was wearing my anti-covid mask or my stupid grin would have given the game away 😊


  1. That is a great haul- nice one.



  2. I was amazed when he said only 30 Euros, they need a repaint or a wash and of course crew, but you can`t argue about the price.

  3. You did well there. Back in 2019, ‘The Works’ in the UK had a load of Russian tanks from the same Deagostini source - some for as little as £2 each. Wish I had bought more!

    1. Yes, I remember, I could never get anything I wanted locally (Swansea), luckily a mate got me two M3 Lee (which i repainted as US for Torch/Tunisia and an Fa1 armoured car (which joined my Spanish Republicans) in Bristol :)