Monday, 21 December 2020

More terrain

 Plodding along, a couple of days work

First some 6" sections of country walls, resin pieces picked up over 20 yrs ago in a model railways shop in Chatham, Kent  :D  Simple colour and wash

Playing with the camera in the garden, Carlist figures for scale

Hayrick/storage area

Believe it or not this started out as Baby Jesus in crib which I found in the cellar, the poor little bugger had no hands or nose, so my wife wanted a new one for her nativity scene. Well waste not, want not some air drying clay and a quick paint job and its now a piece of scatter terrain  :D 

Again playing with the camera, figures for scale


  1. Nice work- can never have too much scatter terrain.



    1. Cheers Pete, Debbie is a bit embarrassed by my re-use of baby Jesus, but he would only have gone into the bin :)