Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Care Package from the States

 Care Package from the States

Time and time again over the years I have found the generosity and friendship within our hobby to be a source of both amazement and humbling wonder. 

People who only know one another over the internet seem quite willing to help one another without thought to payment or reciprocity!  

Yesterday I received a car package from Bill Krieg from the US - bits`n pieces which had been hanging around his collection for yrs.

Three Airfix Sherman, a Churchill, two Grants and a water bowser truck

Two quads, two 25ldrs and a limber
Two Panther, two Tiger I and a Stug III
Buffalo, Jeep & landrover
3 x Britannia SS Cavalry

Some of this is immediately salvageable as is, others can become wrecks or scavenged for parts, all in all very useful and gratefully received.

Thanks Bill, much appreciated


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