Monday, 8 February 2021

Mexican Revolution game turns 1-9

Mexican Revolution game turns 1-9  

This is the same game I set-up before Christmas

To recap: the basic idea is for an encounter battle. My basic plan is for a battle set during the reign of Gen, Victoriano Huerta (Feb 1913 - July 1914) taking some liberties with equipment :) The two sides to enter at opposite corners, first unit on for the Rebels being a scout train (engine plus cars, included a mounted gun plus a company of so on board) whilst the Government (supporters of President Huerta) arrive by road first up be a motorised column with an armoured car and some lorried infantry and a towed gun.

The rest of both "armies" will arrive piece meal randomly, building into a total fubar of a battle.

You will recall the table was set-up with the train already at the station and the federal column driving onto the table.

Here are the first 9 turns

 Turn 1. started with the railway company plus the machine gun dismounting from their iron steed.

Whilst the federals moved forward along the road.

Now trains are very valuable and hard to replace, so as soon as turn 1 was complete the engine reversed course back the way it had come out of harms way taking 2 turns to actually clear the table. The plan called for it to withdraw another 3 turns then load up Villa`s remaining infantry units and then return to the station (so roughly turns 9 or 10 )

On turn 3 the Federal armoured car arrived in the pueblo market place

The rest of the Federal arrived on turn 4

Col Diaz orders the armoured car over the bridge to counter the advancing bandits


Turn 5 sees the arrival on table of the first Colorado cavalry squadron and Villa`s cavalry column

Villa`s troops

During this turn the armoured car fired at the advancing Villaistas causing a few casualties! The Villaistas spread out, their Colt machine gun set up to return fire. The federal platoons deployed and the `75 arrived in the pueblo square and started to deploy.

Federal troops deploying

Col Diaz and staff 

Federal `75

Villaistas under fire

Turn 6. Both sets of cavalry advanced to the sound of the guns, the Villaista `75 arrives on the table


Villaistas with gun train behind

The armoured car continues to fire at any visible Villaistas, the Villaista Colt returns fire (ineffective), but is spotted and fired on by the Federal `75 - BOOM!!


Turn 7 sees a general advance by both sides cavalry, a second Colorado squadron arrives on tabletop. The armoured car, now supported by some infantry on the bridge, more infantry on the south bank with a machine gun and the `75 begin to inflict casualties on the Villaista infantry. Who are trying to worm their way via any cover available towards the car and bridge

Federals on the bridge

Second Colorado Squadron

Turn 8 sees the armoured car realising the Villaista cavalry are coming up fast so it changes its target. The cavalry rush forward and 1st troop dismounts, the `75 moves up and is deployed to engage the armoured car! The Federal infantry and their machine gun and `75 keep the villaista infantry pretty much bottled up this turn.

The two Colorado cavalry units are at full gallop, the one heading along the rail line may well outflank Villa`s entire command! The second moves into the pueblo in the  centre. On the Federal side a horse drawn 70mm arrives too.

For the Villaistas a horse drawn Hotchkiss revolving cannon finally turns up along the road, but joy of joys the train pushes onto the table on its return run too!

Colorados along the rail line

Federal 70mm

Colorados reaching the pueblo

Villa`s cavalry

1st troop deploys

Hotchkiss revolving cannon

The train is back

Turn 9 the armoured car sprays the advancing cavalry causing casualties, the various federal infantry continue to target the Villaista infantry. The Villaista `75 lines up its first shot at the armoured car - 11 spot-on, followed by an impressive 10 blows the troublesome thing to bits.........

Both Colorado squadrons continue their advance, the one on the rail line reaches the river only to find the train has arrived at the station! The train`s mountain gun pops off a speculative round to dissuade them - it kills both the squadron commander and their standard bearer!!

The second Colorado squadron reaches the pueblo square

At this point i was called away to jobs, so I`ll pick this up again later


  1. Looks great fun Richard. Always wanted to game the Mexcian Revolution but never got round to it.



    1. Cheers Pete, it has a bit of everything which appeals to me :)