Friday, 19 February 2021

Federal Spoiler Attack (game set-up)

Federal Spoiler Attack

Once again this game is more Hollywood than historical

The date is roughly 26th April 1914 Federal General Ignacio Morelos Zaragoza wants to upset the Constitutionalist build-up in front Tampico.

 Map of the area borrowed from one of Janssens` excellent books

His plan is to send raiding force along the Panuco River to land at Dona Cecilia an destroy the station and rail line there hence delaying and upsetting the enemies build up.

Federal Troops:

Your orders are to land at Dona Cecilia, proceed quickly to the rail halt and destroy tracks (2 places), water tower and coal supplies plus the two warehouses (a total of 6 objectives).

You must then withdraw back to the boats and then back to Tampico.

 Gunboat "El Tiburon" 6pdr + machine gun

2 x 10 figure platoons of armed sailors

1 x 12 fig sapper platoon has two mules with dynamite etc *

1 x platoon of the Federal 32nd Auxiliary Regiment

Raiding force HQ Col. Gomez & staff + MMG team

 Fishing vessel "Juanita" (MMG) towing two dories

4 platoons from the Federal 32nd Auxiliary Regiment (2 on board the Juanita and one each in the dories)

* the demolition work takes 1d3 turns per item and requires 2 sappers for each to set, sappers may not fight and set demolition charges!

 Defenders of Dona Cecilia from Caballero`s 5th Brigade

These are spread out throughout the houses or in tents.

50 men (in groups of 5) distributed randomly by chit, larger buildings may house 2 groups.

 Only two 5 man patrols awake, the rest take 1-6 rounds to organise once the landing takes place and the alert is sounded.

 At turn 5 the Constitutionalist dice for reinforcements which arrive on table and advance to the sound of the guns, this continues every 5 turns until the Federals withdraw or are destroyed!

 1 troop of cavalry (10 mounted figures)

2 squadron of cavalry (2 troops plus 3 fig HQ)

3 infantry unit of 10-20 men

4 infantry company plus horse drawn gun (30 men + 3 man HQ + `75 and crew) OR

a cavalry squadron plus either a horse drawn gun or wagon carrying a machine gun

5 supply train including escort company (30men + 3 men HQ) **

6 a Constitutionalist bi-plane "Sonora II" will arrive and attempt to bomb the boats!! ***

** this event only happens once after which a "5" counts as nothing

*** this event only happens once after which a "6" counts as nothing

The table

 The fishing village

The pueblo and station 

 the train of course doesn`t start on table in this game

I`ve tried to swap and change buildings, so added a smithy

Tented camp

Changes to the train - loaded supply car and armoured troop car

El Tiburon

The Juanita

A couple of fun shots including the Sonora II


Federal infantry inc Col. Gomez command element

Naval landing party







  1. Amazing table! During the 3 month relaxation of pandemic restrictions this past summer, my group gamed three scenarios I cobbled together using maps/OOBs posted on line by Janssen himself. This one is a great idea. We used a homebrewed set. What rules do you use?
    Thanks, Pan Marek

    1. Hi
      We use a time served version of Charles Grant`s "Battle" rules first published in the 1960s. It is our rules of choice from 1890 - 1960 quite adaptable, obviously you have to adjust based on technology and history as you change periods. Are your games written up or posted somewhere for me to read??

  2. Unfortunately, no. Which is a shame, as the set ups looked great. We played three scenarios using the 28mm figs one of us had- Torreon, Zacatecas and Tierra Blanca (complete with Loco Loco). We did up the theme, had Mexican food delivered, traditional Mexican music on the boombox and a shot of tequila. We never went this far with a theme before- I think we missed gaming....ALOT.

    1. Sounds fantastic, gaming with good friends is just the best :)

  3. Excellent set up Richard. Look forward to the AAR.

    1. Thanks, got a bit side-tracked by modelling this week - the joys of being retired and having a permanent room where I can leave a game set up for as long as needed.