Saturday, 1 October 2022



Again part of the care package sent by Bill Krieg, three Goumiers from Ian Clunie`s Shellhole Scenics range.

Now i don`t actually have a dedicated Goumier force, I have Moroccan Rif warriors (no sub-machine guns or helmets, etc) and I have Moroccan 7th Division cerca 1943 - mostly French 1940 kit, some of whom wear Djellaba. I was therefore forced to do simple conversions on two of these, I removed the 2" mortar off one and replacing it with a rifle and then I pruned away the Sten gun off the grenade thrower and grafted a rifle in its place - not too bad I think. All three can now happily join either group.



  1. When a manufacturer fails to provide images of his product, it is blogs like yours on which to rely before buying, so thank you for providing these photos. Regards, Pat

    1. Cheers Pat, I`m a huge fan of Shellhole Scenics and Raventhorpe too, but their use of the internet leaves a lot to be desired in the C21st. I`m just sorry my painting doesn`t do the figures justice.