Saturday 1 October 2022

More WW2 Yanks

 Clearing the Decks

Among the various bits Bill Krieg sent me were a few odd WW2 Yanks, as I was doing the vehicles I sorted those out, cleaned and based them and now painted and washed to match the rest.

Six infantry which look to me like Dave Allsop`s old Hotspur range

A single officer in leather jacket, I`m pretty sure he is Force20

Soldier helping a wounded mate
I have no idea who made these and I`m pretty sure the kit is Vietnam era, but at 4ft across a table whos ever going to notice.

All together

During the couple of WW2 games I ran earlier this year I noticed I didn`t have any deployed .50cal HMGs so whilst I was doing these I made up a team. The gunner is from Raventhorpe, he is a one-piece casting firing a water-cooled .30cal, I removed the gun and replaced it with a Britannia .50, the No2 is i think from Sojors Miniatures?  




  1. More great work. Is the officer a "Flyer"? Looks like an airman to me!! But great pose. And lovely ad hoc unit or additions to units. Carl

    1. I think the officer is an OSS agent? I suppose i could make him a FAC (forward air controller) who would be an airforce officer?