Sunday, 7 February 2021

Achtung Schweinehund!

After many years of literally devouring 3-4 paperbacks a week, I have for years now been unable to read fiction! Frankly there is too much "real" history to absorb my attention, history obviously is a huge part of my hobby - I don`t do fantasy or sci fi wargaming, so I guess move away from fiction books is a direct result. My holiday reading has been a large book on whatever topic I`m researching at the time. I had an interesting conversation with a server at a Bristol Airport restaurant who saw my holiday reading - a volume of Janssens` History of the Mexican Revolution, the guy was so impressed I was reading about the history of his country.

Before we finally moved out to Spain I purchased a copy of Harry Pearson`s "Achtung Schweinehund!" and now we are finally a bit more settled have spent several highly enjoyable hours out on the veranda giggling loudly at his insights and anecdotes - all of which seem aimed directly at me or people I know within our hobby...........

I highly recommended to all wargamers and hobbyists of that certain age (the Airfix generation), as you`ll probably find similar links to your own childhoods.


  1. Replies
    1. isn`t it - I haven`t laughed so much (at myself) in ages :)

  2. Good book. My gaming group is mentioned IIRC ;-)

    1. good for you sir, I`m sure a well deserved credit :)

  3. I can see my copy up in the Book Cave, out of reach until I get a ladder.