Friday 22 June 2012

5RCA recce unit (Tunisia)

The main mechanised/armoured units in French North Africa came from Chasseurs d`Afrique (RCA). These Regiments originally formed as mounted infantry during the years of colonisation, were motorised and mechanised during the 1920-30s period given armoured cars, light tanks and motor transport. I`ve long been a fan of French colonial units, they have colour and elan and add something. For Tunisia I decided to build a recce unit from 5th Regiment - 5RCA, based on various photos and colour prints in Sicard & Vauvillier`s superb book "Les Chasseurs d`Afrique" from Histoire & Collections.

Laffly 50AM
An old Alby resin kit, I`ve tried to hand-paint the 5RCA badge (a white mosque in a blue diamond)

Laffly V15
Vehicle by Skytrex, mixed stowage, crew from Blitz, EWM and Skyrex

Latil field car
Another Skytrex vehicle with mixed crew/stowage

Patrol on the move


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