Thursday 21 June 2012

French DCA (Tunisia)

The French forces in North Africa were very limited by the terms of the armistice commision, very few tanks and armoured vehicles, limited artillery, anti-tank and anti-aircraft capabilities. DCA (defense contre Aerien) units were split between two field regiments - 411th and 412th Regiments d`Anti Aerien. With single & twin 13.2mm Hotchkiss, 75mle1897 DCA or 7mm Hotchkiss machine guns.

An interesting pic off the internet (also in Leygat`s Campagne de Tunisie) of a twin 7mm Hotchkiss AA gun.
Note the two guns are off-set and the large belt drums and flash supressers.
Another pic of a similar set-up (this time on the French border early in 1939 or 1940) 
Note these guns are strip-fed!

My version, showing how I build the twin gun and mount, the gun and crew are a sabot and can be removed from the from the Raventhorpe "Ready to Roll" Citroen

A twin 13.2mm (gun & crew by Early War Miniatures) mounted in a Ford AAA truck (Sgts Mess

Both trucks together

Another EWM twin 13.2 with crew deployed this time

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