Sunday 24 June 2012

Published articles and stuff

As I’ve already said I have been lucky enough to get some of my stuff published in the various glossy professional wargames press.

Just for myself here’s the list (so far), it doesn’t include reviews of books, figures/models or rules/supplements, just articles and scenarios.

WI = Wargames Illustrated; MW = Miniatures Wargames, WS&S = Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

WI137 (Feb`99) American Armoured Combat Commands – an articles on how to build one in 20mm for tabletop
MW242 (July`03) Secure the Flanks – fictional WW2 scenario set in the Autumn of 1944
MW252 (May`04) Oberfostbach! – fictional WW2 mini-campaign set during Autumn 1944
MW254 (July`04) E A Cobra Fumo! – The Brazilian Expeditionary Force in Italy during WW2 (history, orbats, uniforms, plus a few scenario ideas)
MW271 (Nov`05) For the Glory of France – The Battle of Khenifra, Morocco November 1914 (scenario)
MW279 (July`06) Relentless Pursuit – WW2 scenario, Southern France, August 1944
MW286 (Feb`07) Peru/Ecuador Dispute 1941 – history, organisations, uniform and equipment information
MW290 (June`07) Sahariennes – French camel mounted auxiliaries in the early C20th (history plus scenarios)
MW293 (Sept`07) Buesbach 1944 – WW2 scenario set near Aachen
MW295 (Nov`07) Escadrille de la Garde Cherifienne – mercenary flyers in the Rif War, Morocco 1920s
WS&S30 (Feb`08) Glope de Mano – Eastern Front (Spanish Blue Division) scenario
WS&S30 (Feb`08) Shiloy Tshernez – Eastern Front (Spanish Blue Division) scenario
MW299 (March`08) The Invasion of Majorca 1936 – SCW history and scenario ideas
MW301 (May`08) Suicide Hill – The Battle of Jarama, SCW, scenario
MW301 (May`08) Mers-el Kebir – British vs French WW2 naval, history and scenario ideas
MW302 (June`08) The Bridge at Drauffelt – Fictional ww2 scenario set in the Ardennes
MW305 (Sept`08) Greek Civil War 1945 – history plus scenario (Brits vs Greek communists)
MW306 (Oct`08) El-Moungar – scenario, French in Algeria 1903
MW306 (Oct`08) La Nueve – Spanish in the Free French in WW2, history
MW315 (July`09) Morocco in Flames – Rif War 1919-26, history and background plus a scenario
MW333 (Jan`11) Black Jack in Mexico – Pershing’s Expedition against Pancho Villa 1916, history, organisations plus scenario ideas

“If you go into the Woods Today” – AAR published in Battlegames – Tabletop Teasers Vol1
“Wargamers Guide to the Rif War, Morocco 1919-26” – pdf booklet published by TooFatLardies

I was editor of the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers (SOTCW) magazine - The Journal
2005 – 2014 Richard Baber (Issues 52 – 82)


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